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Who We Are

Delivering Professional Designs

Hello there, we are Corporate Branding expert since 2011, your one stop creative designs platform for all your creative design needs. We are based in the heart of Leipzig, Germany.

Collaborating directly with our clients we create high quality designs you love and reaches your audience with your message. We create personal and corporate branding systems, publicity and advertising materials for anyone 

who needs great work and for companies big and small. Your projects including your logos, website design and more are steered by our highly talented and creative designer at very affordable prices.

We are ready to take up your challenges including all your advertising and branding needs and through our creative adventurous means, we will turn them into a meaningful results for you to grow your business. We offer graphic design and branding solutions for companies and businesses ranging from designs of all kinds, outdoor advertising, website designing, printing of stickers, flexi banners, posters, billboards, digital offset, screen printing, souvenirs & brochures and among others.

Edwin Adjei, MBA

Mr. Edwin Adjei has been in the creative design industry for the past 14 years. He is a designer  and delivers creative work with great professionalism.  

He is also a Consultant and a Trainer in the field of Business Development in Small & Medium Enterprises. He holds an MBA degree  in Small Enterprise Promotion and Training from the University of Leipzig, Germany.